Top 10 Play’n GO Slots

'n GO are one of the largest entertainment providers in the of and online . They supply exciting with fun themes, exciting background music, and varying bonuses and special features.

Take a look at our 10 Play'n GO slot games. Whether you want a historic theme, cartoon graphics or you just want a go at winning a large payout, there is a slot style and experience for all players.

#1 Book of Dead

First up on our list is the adventure slot game led by Rich Wilde and his ancient explorations. The Egyptian theme is brought to life with impressive graphics that sit on top of expanding symbols, and a historic temple. double money welcome bonus

Play the high volatility, 5-reel, 3-row game to see if you can reveal what's inside the book from one of the many icons and special symbols. Enter the tomb and discover the riches inside!

Year of Release 2016
RTP 96.21%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 5,000x

#2 Secret of Dead

Next on our list is another Ancient Egypt inspired slot game, but this design layout is heavier on its use of classic symbology. Join the Egyptian Goddess Shai, as well as a 6th reel, and 10 paylines on this exciting game grid.

The games Risk/Gamble feature is the most interesting of all of the game's bonuses as it allows the player to gamble their winnings for up to 5 times in a row for a larger win potential.

Year of Release 2022
RTP 96.2%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 10,000x

#3 Fire Joker

Jester Fire Joker Fruit Machine online gamine cherries lemon 7 BAR slot fire graphics

For a classic online gaming experience, Fire Joker is the game for you. This fruit style slot machine contains familiar symbols such as the iconic 7, the star and the BAR.

Set on a diamond wallpaper, follow the fiery jester to see if you can activate the Spin the Wheel feature to win juicy prizes. Pick this game if it is ripe one for you!

Year of Release 2016
RTP 94.23%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 800x

#4 Pimped

If you want to indulge in a hip hop fantasy you may have, we present Pimped to you. This high volatility unique game contains symbols such as a roll of dollar bills, rings, and gold dollar signs! Wilds such as Knuckle Duster will show up on the game grid on top of familiar rapper figures.

There are also great bonus features such as Win Spins where you can watch dollar bills fall and turn into a blizzard. Can you make it rain?

Year of Release 2015
RTP 96.52%
Bonus Features No
Maximum Win 10,000x

#5 Shamrock Miner

For a familiar and friendly slot game, we have our first Irish themed game on this list. All of the widely enjoyed symbols like the rainbow, the forest and the 4-leaf clover are seen on this design layout, but there's so much more than just that!

This game has expanding reels, increasing paylines, and multiplying cash symbols! And the Dynamite Scatter symbols could see you get a very large payout. Have you got the luck of the Irish with you?

Irish themed slot game machine leprechaun Rainbow graphics ireland games online gambling
Year of Release 2022
RTP 96.29%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 5,000x

#6 Legacy of Dead

We're back in Egyptian times for another archaeological themed slot, but this one has some spookier symbols on the game grid. Pharaohs, ancient books, and sphinxes are all seen in this 5-reel, 3-row slot, but with a slightly darker theme.

There are 10 paylines, free spins and expanding symbols. Not to mention the gamble feature which could double your winnings. What riches can you uncover in the palace of treasure?

Year of Release 2020
RTP 96.58%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 5,000x
Ancient Egypt slot game machine Sphinx Zombie themed games gaming online Carton Egyptian graphics

#7 Colt Lightning

Our only wilderness themed game on this top 10 list is the majestic Colt Lightning. This striking slot has wild creatures such as a stallion, an eagle and wolves to look out. There are some unique features such as the Colt Strike, Rapid respin, and Super Colt Spins which could land you a hefty payout.

Ride into the sunset and see if you are the dark horse of the great outdoors!

Year of Release 2023
RTP 94.24%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 25,000x

#8 Naughty Nick's Book

If you like to celebrate your favourite festive season all year round, then look under the tree for some exciting gameplay with Naughty Nick's Book. A fun cartoon style design, high volatility, and expanding symbols are just a few of the cracking features that can be found on this slot game.

Look out of the Book symbol on the 6-reel, 3-row grid for a special bonus. Or unlock the gamble feature to get extra gifts in your stocking. Have you been naughty or nice?

Year of Release 2022
RTP 96.28%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 7,500x

#9 Rise of Dead

The final Egyptian themed slot game on our list is a fully zombified version! We have a dark and apocalyptic undead slot game that has great graphics, phantom pharaohs, and premium symbols.

Find the Gift of Gods features including Mega Stacks and Ancient Free Spins on one of the 20 paylines. Enjoy the eerie music as you enjoy the spooky scarabs to try and land a win.

Year of Release 2023
RTP 96.53%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 5,000x

#10 Wild Falls 2

Wild Falls 2 online slot machine gaming gambling cowboy wild west theme games adventure chest gold graphics

The last Play'n Go slot game on our list is the second installment of Wild Falls. The slot quickly waterfalls into one of the most exciting offerings we have with its expanding paylines, 729x multiplier and 4 bonuses.

There is a Gold Rush feature, Chest symbols, Rapid respins and very high volatility! Can you flow into a big win potential?

Year of Release 2022
RTP 96.2%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 15,000x

To start playing Real Money bets, just sign in and place your bets. If you are registering for the first and making your first deposit, you can claim your Welcome Bonus before playing on all of our games.

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May 2023 New Games Release 

Take a trip back in or head over to the animal kingdom for a bushy bonanza! We've got all new this month, featuring different styles, different themes, and varying RTPs and ranges.

We once again have even more expansive versions of a previous favourites to see what new bonuses you can for. Whatever your preference, there's a game for you here at, so let the chips fall where they may!

Here are a couple of the new games that are being released in May 2023.

Monopoly Big Event

This May we are bringing an amazing nostalgic game to our portfolio. It appears to be a standard 5-reel x 3-row layout, medium volatility game, but it is anything but ordinary! There are several adaptations from the original monopoly game board layout, with an added Big Event Jackpot, exciting bonus features, and 20 paylines.

You can have all the fun, excitement, and anticipation you get from your dusty game at home, but with additional intricate features via the version!

Look out for these symbols to get a big win potential:

  • Play Big Bet – Look out for this purple-coloured button to bet up to 5 times for free spins.
  • Chance and Community Cards – These can lead to bonus icons and bonus spins.
  • Wilds – There's a Locking Wilds feature and Dancing Wilds that you give you a higher payout.
  • Houses and Hotels – Much like a normal game of Monopoly, these can be found on the reels for a big win.

…but similarly to a standard board game, look out for the In Jail symbol as it could make you lose some of your gathered symbols. However, if you are up for the challenge, then roll the dice, pass go, and see if you can collect your winnings!

Buffalo Blitz: Mega Merge Jackpot Blitz

New Games Release May 2023 new games Buffalo graphic design cartoon animal Jackpot  Prize slot game online casino gaming

Trek through the deserts of South America and go on a wild exploration with this roaring video slot. Game provider Playtech have created an even bigger, bushier, and bolder version of the incredibly popular Buffalo Blitz series that has a giant layout of up to 196,608 betways!

If you were already enjoying the Free Games, Wild Diamond Symbols, and multiplier bonuses, then buckle up for a bumpy ride with a multiway game grid and jackpots to be won.

Play for Real Money 

To start playing Real Money bets, just sign in and place your bets on any one of our new or currently available slot games.

And if you are registering for the first time and making your first deposit, you can claim your Welcome Bonus before playing on all of our new games.

May the luck be with you!

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How to Play Teen Patti: Rules and Strategies

For those unfamiliar, may seem like a chaotic, hard to understand game. However, the truth is that it is a bright, colourful, fun game that is relatively easy to , but perhaps more difficult to master!

Here we examine the Teen Patti , its cultural significance and how Teen Patti Live may have even improved upon its offline predecessor.

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is an incredibly popular card game, most commonly played in India and Indian communities around the . The game itself is thought to have its origins in Europe, as it strikes a strong resemblance to the British game “Three Card Brag”.

Although there is no confirmed record of when Teen Patti came to prominence in India, it is assumed that Three Card Brag was introduced by the British when the first landed in the country in the early 17th century.

Teen Patti is also referred to as “Indian Poker”, as traditional poker has had a clear influence on the Indian variant. Teen Patti rules likely would have evolved from both Poker and Three Card over the years, decades and centuries that have followed and is now recognised as a stand-alone game.

You can play Teen Patti Live at here:

The Cultural Significance of Teen Patti

In modern day India, Teen Patti is played amongst friends and families and all generations. This is especially true during religious festivals such as Diwali, when Teen Patti is believed to have great importance, not only in bringing generations together, but also as a way to teach younger generations about religion. During Diwali, Shiva is even believed bless those who gamble on Teen Patti!

A month before the Hindu festival of Janmashtami, people also celebrate by playing Teen Patti – although for slightly different reasons. Those who celebrate Janmashtami, do so in tribute of Lord Krishna's birthday. It is believed that Krishna rid India of taboos such as gambling and alcohol, except for during certain periods in the calendar. As a tribute to Krishna, people will gamble and play Teen Patti throughout the month prior to his birthday. Once the festival of Janmashtami begins, the gambling will stop, and “normal” society resume. double money welcome bonus

How To Play Teen Patti

One of the reasons for Teen Patti's evergreen popularity is how simple it is to play. In order to play Teen Patti, you need just three to six players and a standard 52-card deck. You are also going to need to bring a serious amount of bluster; an inherent talent for bluffing is almost a pre-requisite!

Of course, bluffing is a commonly used strategy in poker as well as in Teen Patti, and the two share other similarities as well. Players have a buy-in, referred to as an ante, and the pot can be raised as the game continues. Of course, those who raise the stakes may be bluffing, but there is always a chance that they truly have a strong hand, so it is important to be cautious when calling bets!

Three cards, slightly revealing the ace, king and queen of hearts. According to the Teen Patti rules, this is the second strongest hand possible!

Teen Patti Rules

Teen Patti is not a terribly difficult game to understand. In fact, it is probably one of the easier card games to comprehend. Of course, you can try to jump straight in on the action and learn the game “on the job”. However, we would suggest that there are some Teen Patti rules that you should have at least a basic grasp of before you sit down to play.

The Deal

The play begins by deciding who will be the dealer. Each player will draw a card from the deck and the player with the highest ranked card will be the dealer. Players will post their ante and the dealer will deal. Cards are dealt clockwise from the dealer, and each player will receive three cards. All three cards are dealt face down.

Hand Rankings

When it comes to the ranking of the different hands, the influence of poker on Teen Patti becomes apparent – even if the game is played with just three cards! The hand rankings are below, from strongest to weakest:

  • Trio (Three of a Kind)
  • Pure Sequence (Straight Flush)
  • Sequence (Straight)
  • Colour (Flush)
  • Double (Pair)
  • No Pair (High Card)
Teen Patti card game hand values.

The Bets

Once the antes have been posted and the cards have been dealt, the action begins! Players have a choice to either play blind (without seeing their cards) or seen (seeing their cards). If a player decides to play blind, they retain the option to play seen later in the game. Should you wish to see your own cards before betting you should be aware that there is a cost! Playing seen means that you must a minimum of twice the minimum stake, whereas blind players only need to bet the minimum.


The side show adds some spice to the game! This is when one seen player can challenge another to secretly show each other their cards. Once seen, the player with the worse hand will be forced to leave the game. The challenged player can accept or reject the duel. At this stage the challenged player must carefully consider whether they think their competitor is bluffing to avoid elimination.

Final Showdown

Through a series of sideshows and folds, the number of players will eventually be whittled down to two – and this is when the final showdown can occur. At this stage one of the final two players can demand that the showdown occur.

If the opponent is playing blind, the player will have to bet four times the current bet. Conversely, if both players are playing seen then the bet amount is double. His opponent then has one of two options; he can call or fold. If he decides to call, then the player with the best hand the entire pot.

A laptop, some playing cards and casino chips

Play Teen Patti Live at

Teen Patti Live is available in the Live Casino lobby, and it is a faithful adoption of the traditional Indian game. Players can choose to play seen or blind, as is the case in the offline version of the game. However, as is to be expected by a game developed by Playtech, there are some very interesting additions to the online version that you will not see anywhere else! The main difference is the side bets that are available in the online game: Pair Plus and Mega Bonus.

Teen Patti Live: Pair Plus Bet Pay-Out

In the Pair Plus side bet, the player can win if they hold a pair, flush, straight, straight flush or three of a kind. What is interesting in this side bet is that it renders the dealer's hand irrelevant as it depends solely on the hand the player is dealt.

Hand Pay-out
Three Aces 200:1
Trio (2-King) 40:1
Pure Sequence 30:1
Sequence 6:1
Colour 3:1
Double 1:1

Teen Patti Live: Mega Bonus Pay-Out

The Mega Bonus is the second side bet available. Here, the player's cards and the dealer's cards are combined to produce the best possible five card hand. It is important to note at this point the Mega Bonus bet has a lower RTP (92.28%) than both the Pair Plus (95.8%) and regular Ante bets (97.74%). However, this side-bet does have a potential maximum win of 2000:1!

Hand Pay-out
Royal Flush 2000:1
Running Flush 500:1
Four of a Kind 100:1
Full House 25:1
Flush 15:1
Run 10:1
Trio 6:1

You can try Teen Patti Live yourself by visiting If you are a new player, don't forget to take advantage of our fantastic Welcome Package!

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Top 10 Skywind Slot Games 

is one of the largest and most popular brands in the online industry. They supply fun and unique with many themes, varying background music, and a wide range of bonuses and special features.

This game provider has produced over 300 but take a look at our 10 Skywind slot games! Whatever your preference is, there is a slot style and experience for all players.

#1 8 Tigers Gold Megaways

First up on our list is the shiny Tigers Gold Megaways with high volatility, a 6-reel x 8-row game grid, and a gigantic 262,144 paylines. On this roaring slot game, you will also find Yin and Yang symbols, the prominent face icon, and Cascading Reels, as well as Extra, Double and Triple Chance bonus features!

The sleek design, and traditional music will transport you to the far east so that you can embark on an adventure with this tiger themed game. See if you can find your stripes and get a payout of up to 20,000x your through one of the many combination variables!

Year of Release 2021
RTP 96.5%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 20,000x

#2 Celestial Beauty

Skywind slot machine game Celestial Beauty Online Casino Kawaii Graphic Design Japanese Themed gambling

Next up on our list is the recently released, adorable style Kawaii slot with 6 slot reels and medium volatility. Enter the pastel party both in the game display as well as the beautiful sunset background where you will find Scatter symbols, winged creatures, and sparkling gems to collect.

There are also Cluster Pays slot lines to look out for in addition to the enchanting Moon Beauty and Sun Beauty Free Games which will all help get you the highest payout. Bounce your way on the fluffy clouds into the cascading mechanic to see what your €0.20 to €200 bet range could bring you back.

Year of Release 2023
RTP 96.5%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 5,000x

#3 Sugar Bonanza Deluxe

Sugar Bonanza Deluxe is another happy and bubbly slot on our list for those who have a real sweet tooth. So, get your dentist appointment ready as you spin into candyland and on this blissful 5-reel x 6-row slot game filled with whimsical fruit, cute candy, and happy hearts!

There are a whopping 10 multipliers to try and land that could increase your win potential up to 2,000x, on top of Scatter symbols that could find you in fizzy Free Games. Grab your spoon and see if you can stick a sweet landing!

Year of Release 2023
RTP 96.5%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 250,000x

#4 Super Lion

Skywind slot machine game fruit machine Online Casino Rainbow Lion Graphic Design Animal Themed gambling

Enter the future with this cosmic slot. , blue, purple, green, and orange gemstones can be found on the game grid as the electronic and ambient audio takes you on a galactic journey. The Wild Respin feature can see Wilds stack up to give you a booming payout, so keep an eye out for those.

The slot game has 5-reels x 3-rows, 10 fixed paylines and is a low to medium variance slot. The most valuable icon is the rainbow-coloured Lion Wild symbol, so see if you can follow its giant face into a roaring progressive jackpot.

Year of Release 2019
RTP 96.5%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 4,000x

#5 Joker's Luck Deluxe

Time for something different! Next up, we have a unique layout for the sequel to Joker's Luck, containing a 3-reel x 3-row game layout with just 1 payline. This game has a high volatility, and fun symbols such as a horseshoe, a bell and a goldstar to try and get a multiplier with.

This exciting slot game has a ‘unlimited in theory' maximum win mechanism. This means that if you go to the bonus round, you can fill all 3 cashpot towers and keep on winning until you collect. But watch out for the Red Joker who may show up and remove all of your prizes!

Year of Release 2021
RTP 97%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win Unlimited in theory
Skywind slot machine game Joker's Luck Deluxe Online Casino Face Graphic Design Jester Hat Circus gambling

#6 Golden Rings

Shine Bright with Golden Rings slot game for a fun and vibrant experience. The design of this game resembles a cartoon style classic slot for any lovers of the original layouts. You can find the iconic BAR symbol in 3 variations for different prizes.

On this upbeat game, you can also find Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, Free spins, and Golden Rings overlays which gives you a better chance at a higher payout. Spin away on the 5-reel x 3-row shiny game grid and see if you can land a big win on one of the 15 betways.

Year of Release 2023
RTP 92.05%
Bonus Features Yes

#7 Big Buffalo Megaways

For a big and bushy animalistic slot game, have a go on the Mega Big Buffalo game that has a gigantic 177,649 ways to win! There are 6 reels and 2-7 rows that display many unique symbols on a huge design layout.

Look out for the Multiplier Wilds and Free Games Bonus which could give you up to 5x your win. And if you thought it was just Buffalos, then you are in for a surprise. There are foxes, eagles, cats, and even more symbols to find, so venture into the wild, and see what animals you can encounter!

Skywind slot machine game Big Buffalo Megaways Online Casino Buffalo Bonanza Face Graphic Design Animal Themed gambling
Year of Release 2021
RTP 96.5%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 5,000x

#8 Money Grows on Trees

Does money grow on trees? See if you can find out on this player favourite slot game from one of Skywind's studios, Slot Factory. Unsurprisingly you can find trees, plants, and fruits on this 5-reel game, but there are also exciting bonuses to play in the mud for.

See what's ripe for the picking among the Multipliers, Free Spins, and Platinum Spins and all of the other added extras that can be found on a single spin. Plant your seed and see what you can grow on the 20 paylines!

Year of Release 20
RTP 95.98%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 1,600x

#9 Howl at the Moon

It's always midnight on this slot game, so spin the reels on this classic style design layout in search of the majestic Wolf Wild and Sticky Wild symbols to try and land a howling payout. Find the final game on our list displayed on a twilight wooded backdrop, as exciting and immersive music plays throughout your spins.

There is a Gamble feature to look out for, so join the wolf pack and spin away. The dusk sky is the limit; reach for the stars and see what you can win!

Year of Release 2023
RTP 95.94%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 100x

#10 Big Top Bonanza Megaways

Skywind slot machine game Big Top Bonanza Megaways Online Casino Cartoon Face Graphic Design Circus Themed Clown Ringmaster gambling

Roll up, roll up! The circus is in town, so get your golden ticket and go for a spin! The last slot favourite from Skywind on our Top 10 list has 6 reels and 2-7 rows, cascading reels, progressive win multipliers and 3 Bonus Modifiers – Normal, Super, and Mega!

The sleek game design lays inside a circus tent as traditional circus music and chants play in the background. Let the ringmaster guide you through a possible 200,704 paylines on this festive and exciting design layout. Will you come out big on top?

Year of Release 2022
RTP 96.5%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 5,000x

To start playing Real Money bets, just sign in and place your bets. If you are registering for the first time and making your first deposit, you can claim your Welcome Bonus before playing on all of our games.

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The Biggest Slot Machine Wins of All Time

Slot can often be overlooked by hardcore casino aficionados. Assuming they are low stakes and thus provide low , many ignore them for high-paying table games like blackjack and poker. Yet that could not be further from the truth. Thanks to progressive jackpots, slot games have provided some of the casino wins in history. In fact one particular slot – Megabucks – has been responsible for every single winner on our list.

Here it is then, our guide to the biggest slot game wins ever claimed in land-based :

6. $21 Million – Mirage Casino, Las Vegas

This story takes place quite a while before the other stories of big wins and is the tale of a WWII veteran named Elmer Sherwin. When Sherwin visited the Mirage Casino in Vegas for its 1989 opening, he managed to walk away with $4.6 million with $20 he borrowed from his wife at the

Sixteen years later Elmer visited the Cannery Casino in Vegas and returned to the Megabucks game that had been so lucrative for him in the past. Wagering the $3 maximum , he spun and saw those familiar three Megabucks symbols land on his reel. At 92 years of age, he scooped $21 million and was the only person to bag a Megabucks jackpot twice in one lifetime. 

5. $21.3 Million – Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

While not the biggest win on the list, this one has the highest deposit-to-winnings ratio. A business consultant used a $10 bankroll to scoop a haul of over $21 million. The 49-year-old man from Illinois won in 1999 at the famous Caesars Palace in Vegas. 

The anonymous player hit the jackpot when he was once again playing the famous Megabucks slot machine which has accounted for every winner on this list. The gentleman chose to receive his winnings in annual instalments of $1.5 million per year over 25 years (taking inflation into account) and giving him a reliable source of income for many years. double money welcome bonus

4. $22.6 Million – Bally's Casino, Las Vegas

Johanna Heundl was a retired Californian, who had headed to the famous Bally's Casino in Vegas to celebrate her 74th birthday in 2002. She took up a birthday offer from the establishment to spend two nights there and get $100 in free tokens. Before going for breakfast, she deposited her credit and put in a further $100 of her own funds. 

When she was just getting hungry and was about to leave, she took a last few spins with her remaining $20. The three Megabucks symbols lined up and she grabbed two jackpots. The first was $22 million, with a secondary one totalling $3000.  

3. $27.5 Million – Palace Station Casino, Las Vegas

The third biggest prize on the list was won by an anonymous retiree, gambling at the Palace Station Resort in Vegas. This ex-flight attendant ventured to the casino in 1998, only a few months after scooping $680,000 on a Wheel of Fortune slot game. While not recommended, she decided to play with an extra $100. The Megabucks symbols fell and $27.5 million was added to the total from her sizable previous winnings. 

2. $34.9 Million – Desert Inn, Las Vegas

In the year 2000, at the dawn of a new millennium, fortune would fall in favour of Cynthia Jay Brennan. Working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, Cynthia finished her shift and headed to the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino. Celebrating her soon to be mother in law's birthday, she decided to drop some funds into the Megabucks slot.

Depositing $21, she decided to wager the maximum $3 a spin and accessed the bonus rounds with the progressive jackpot. Using this amount meant that inevitably, her bankroll soon depleted and she chose to have two more attempts and then call it a day. The symbols fell just right and the Megabucks slot paid out its sizable jackpot of $34.9 million. 

Cynthia then used her winnings to help those in need, donating most of it to disability charities. 

1.    $39.7 Million – Excalibur Casino, Las Vegas

The largest jackpot on a slot machine at any casino took place at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas. Way back in 2003, the winner was a young software engineer who chose to remain anonymous. This gambler from Los Angeles dropped a mere $100 into the slot machine. Another Megabucks slot with a huge progressive jackpot, had to pay out to one lucky person at some point, and it ended up being his day. 

Anyone can win these jackpots, but managing a bankroll is important. Never forget that many more people don't win at all.

From the list above it may look like the only way to scoop a big win is to book a flight to Vegas and pull up a chair in front of a Megabucks slot.

However, at we have a number of online progressive jackpot where the prizes often reach into millions; you can check them out today and no air-miles are required!

In fact we had a big win when one of our players in New Zealand scooped a $400,000 NZD ($240,000 USD) jackpot when playing the Sisters of Oz: WowPot Jackpot game. WowPot Jackpot slots offer some of the biggest jackpots around, and you can enjoy the whole collection at today!

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Top 10 Blueprint Gaming Slot Games

is one of the best-known game studio providers in the iGaming industry. They have created and supplied over 100,000 exciting machines for both desktop and mobile markets. Their slot offer exciting displays, many interesting themes, unique background music, and a wide range of bonuses and special features including progressive jackpots.

Take a look at our 10 Blueprint Gaming slot games. Whatever your feature or gaming preference is, there is a slot style and experience for all players.

#1 Fishin' Frenzy Even Bigger Catch

The first fan favourite slot game on our list, is the sequel to one of Blueprint Gaming's most exciting series, Fishin' Frenzy Even Bigger Catch! Grab your rubber dingy and dive into a deep blue, underwater adventure to see what you can find under the surface.

There's a Scatter Boat symbol to look out for, the bubbly Bonus Buy feature which can trigger free spins, or you try and reel in the golden fisherman to multiply your winnings up to 10x. Get your catch on one of the 10 winlines and see if it can make your day!

Year of Release 2023
RTP 95.00%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 50,000x

#2 Mega Bars Big Hit Jackpot

Classic games slot machine BAR jackpot win graphic text Online gambling gaming

Next up on our list is the classic slot reel rotation design for fans of the original design elements of the slot . This, however, is an upscale and sleek version of a traditional layout. It is a 5-reel x 3-row slot game layout with 10 winlines and medium volatility. Seems pretty standard, but here is where it gets interesting…

The mighty Jackpot King Deluxe Pot system can be triggered by landing 5 overlay symbols on the reels. The Wheel King feature (which is a tombola style wheel) consists of Big Win Multiplier segments and Progressive pot segments. And in case that wasn't exciting enough, there are Progressive jackpots available: the Jackpot King, the Royal Jackpot, and the Regal Jackpot.

Can you find a royal prize?

Year of Release 2023
RTP 95.99%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 50,000x double money welcome bonus

#3 Into the Wild Megaways

The first Megaways slot on our list is the 6-reel x 2-7-row giant game grid with up to a staggering 117,649 paylines! For wilderness fans, you can find majestic animals such as an eagle, a bear, and the mighty buffalo. Match the trackers on the reels, and you could be in for an unlimited win multipler!

Enter the North American countryside and join the pack in search of the Wild Bet, Bonus Buy, and Replicator Wheel bonuses. Cascading can also be triggered when the right eye-catching innovations are displayed on the game grid.

Year of Release 2022
RTP 96.1%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 50,000x
Wilderness online games slot machine Eagle graphic cartoon Wolf Buffalo Lucky Megaways Online gambling gaming

#4 7s Deluxe Fire Wheel Jackpot King

We have another classic fruit machine style slot game for you, but don't worry, this one also has 3 scorching progressive jackpots! The familiar high paying symbols such as Stars, 7s, BARS symbols can be found on the grid display, as well as the juicy melons and plums for low paying ones.

Watch out for those Wild 7s, because 3 of them will give you a huge payout. The Jackpot King Deluxe Pot will build when you collect crown symbols, which helps you move up the win ladder, and 15+ crowns will grant you entry to the Wheel King section.

As this happens, you will hear old school slot sounds as you spin the reels and get to watch a flaming background as you await the 3-reel verdict.

Year of Release 2020
RTP 95.43%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 1,250x

#5 Treasures of the Dead

If you like an adventure and Egyptian themed slot game, with an ancient temple backdrop, then look no further than Treasures of the Dead. You can find all sorts of beautiful artefacts on this game grid such as archaic books, sphinxes, and of course the scary scarabs.

Fire up a bet on the 5-reel x 3-row grid layout to see if you can land yourself 3 special hyperlines for multipliers and more. There's also Free Spins, Wild Symbols, and 3 Bonus Buy modes: X-Plosive, Delux, Double Lux which could grant you up to 20 spooky spins. Are you ready to venture into the unknown?

Year of Release 2023
RTP 96.2%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 15,000x

#6 Lucky Nuggets Megaways

Mining online games slot machine Old man with a white beard Prospector quarry Lucky Megaways Daimond mine Online gambling gaming

Get tunnelling with Lucky Nuggets Megaways! This is a mining theme slot game with an enormous max win potential of 250,000x your bet! This explosive game has 6 reels, 2-5 rows, and up to 15,625 paylines.

Enter the quarry and see if you can find special golden symbols for a big payout. Try and collect Nuggets for extra wins which can randomly trigger the Gold Rush or Big Blast Bonanza modes. And look out for the cheerful Prospector Wild symbol which will appear when the bonus rounds are activated. Grab your hat and torch and start digging for diamonds!

Year of Release 2022
RTP 95.5%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 250,000x

#7 Crabbin' for Cash Jackpot King

Crab a win with the underwater adventure game Crabbin' for Cash Jackpot King! Crawl your way onto the submerged game grid where you will find fun symbols such as shrimps, anchors, and lobsters.

The Gold Crab Catcher will reward you with a random multiplier, the Pick Objects bonus game could see you pinch some special symbols and there is even a Progressive Jackpot to for. This bubbly game is also designed for mobile users in mind, so if you like to visit the beach, when you are at the beach, then this ocean game is for you!

Year of Release 2023
RTP 95%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 50,000x

#8 Primal Megaways

If a prehistoric themed slot game is on your list of favourites, then look no further that one of the highest RTPs when it comes to Megaways variants, Primal Megaways. This ancient game design has 6 reels and contains up to a mammoth 46,656 ways to win.

There are also 3 Bonus Features: Pawprint Wild, Mystery Fire, Skull Bonus Scatter which can be found amidst the stone slab style game grid. To no surprise, the Woolly Mammoth symbol is the highest paying symbols of all the primal animal icons, but keep an eye out for the elk, the warthog, and the sabretooth for a primitive payout!

Year of Release 2018
RTP 96.76%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 50,000x
American online games slot machine Ancient Animals graphic cartoon Warthog Sabretooth tiger Megaways Online gambling gaming

#9 Fishin' Frenzy: The Big Catch

The penultimate slot game on our list is another instalment of Fishin' Frenzy franchise, Fishin' Frenzy: The Big Catch. This game has 5 reels and 10 paylines and is the previous version to the number 1 slot game on our list, but it is still going strong and proving to be a slot favourite among players.

This earlier edition has 2 exciting bonus rounds, on top of the pelican, fish, and fishing tackle icons within the game grid. The music is upbeat and sparkling deep sea graphics are some of the many reasons that players continue to spin the reels on this one. Are you angling for a win?

Year of Release 2021
RTP 96.12%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 50,000x

#10 Buffalo Rising Megaways

The last slot game on our Blueprint Gaming Top 10 list, is the bushy Buffalo Rising Megaways. Yes, there is another Megaways variation, but with 117,649 paylines to play for, can you really blame players for coming back?

Set among the Great Plains of the North America wilderness, it is a Native American themed game with excellent graphics, cascading reels, and a big selection of bonuses. You can find the Gold Buffalo Wild symbol, Buffalo Bonus Bet potential, and Sunset Mystery symbols which you land you up to 15 free spins!

Have a bonanza with buffalos, bears, and big wins!

Year of Release 2020
RTP 96.5%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 50,000x

To start playing Real Money bets, just sign in and place your bets. If you are registering for the first and making your first deposit, you can claim your Welcome Bonus before playing on all of our games.

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The Ten Best Casinos in the World

When coming up with our list of the best in the , we took a number of different factors into account. Some of these factors included the reputation of the casino among players and the general public, the variety of options available, and the interior and exterior design of the casino. The location of the building, the entertainment on offer and the amenities were also considered. And of course we thought about the history of the casino as well as any awards or other recognition received. Finally, we researched the opinions of other publications and how they regarded each of the contenders.

Naturally any list like this will be subjective by its very nature, but for what it's worth, here is our list of the ten best casinos in the world in 2023:

1. Bellagio (Las Vegas)

Bellagio Fountains outside the world's best casino.

There could only be one choice for the best casino in the world, and that is the famous Bellagio in Las Vegas. Known for its elegance and sophistication, the casino offers a vast selection of table , machines and poker rooms, providing an unforgettable gambling experience. Probably best known for its iconic dancing fountains, the Bellagio boasts luxurious accommodations, high-end dining options, and breath-taking art installations, making it a destination for both casual and high-stakes gamblers. The movie Ocean's 11 – set in the Bellagio – added some Hollywood glamour to the mix and introduced the casino to an international audience. The combination of all of these factors meant that the Bellagio was a clear choice to take the number one spot on our list.

  • Dress Code: Smart casual attire is recommended.

2. Venetian Macao

The Venetian Casino in Macau.

The Venetian Macao is a sprawling resort and casino complex that captivates visitors with its grandeur. As the name might have suggested, this casino was inspired by the city of Venice in Italy, and it features a remarkable replica of the Venetian canals, complete with gondolas and stunning architecture. The Venetian has been named the ‘World's Leading Casino Resort' (World Travel Awards) and been awarded Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Award on multiple occasions, among other decorations. The gaming floor of Asia's top casino offers a wide range of table games and slot machines, while luxurious accommodations, world-class entertainment, high-end shopping, and gourmet dining establishments complete the Venetian Macao experience.

  • Dress Code: Smart casual dress code is preferred.

3. Monte Carlo (Monaco)

Grand Monte Carlo casino in Monaco.

The Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco is a legendary establishment that exudes opulence and charm. Nestled in a breath-taking setting, this casino offers an array of classic table games, including roulette, blackjack, and poker. Visitors can immerse themselves in the glamorous ambiance of the Belle Époque era, explore the lavish interiors, and enjoy the thrill of high-stakes gambling while surrounded by the allure of Monte Carlo. While some casinos on this list are quite easy-going when it comes to what to wear, make sure you dress to impress before paying a visit to the Monte Carlo. After all, you may just run into a tuxedoed James Bond, who dropped by in movies such as ‘Never Say Never Again' and ‘GoldenEye'.

  • Dress Code: Formal attire is customary.

4. Baden-Baden (Germany)

Baden Baden Casino in Germany

One of the oldest casinos in the world still active today, the Baden Baden is renowned for its elegant architecture and luxurious ambiance. Unusually for a casino of this vintage, the building was designed with the express purpose of housing a casino, meaning that it is ideally laid out to meet the needs of its sophisticated clientele. With its beautifully decorated interiors, chandeliers, and grand halls, Baden-Baden Casino provides a rarefied gambling experience. Guests can enjoy a variety of table games, slot machines, and poker rooms while soaking in the rich history and refined atmosphere of this iconic European casino.

  • Dress Code: Elegant dress code is expected. double money welcome bonus

5. Foxwoods (Connecticut, USA)

Inside the Foxwoods Casino in the United States.

Mashantucket, Connecticut may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of gambling destinations, but this is the home of the impressive Foxwoods Resort Casino. Besides its enormous gaming floor, Foxwoods offers a whole lot in terms of the amenities to be found around the resort. From golf courses to theatres, reality experiences to zip-lines and dining experiences which range from fast food to gourmet, there is a lot to keep everyone entertained beyond the casino experience. As with all of the casinos on this list accommodation is available, varying according to your budget, and there are a lot of shopping outlets to browse around as well.

  • Dress Code: Smart casual attire is suitable.

6. Sun City (South Africa)

Sun City Casino in South Africa

Sun City Casino is probably as well known as an entertainment venue as for its casino. The artists to have played here include names like Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, Miles Davis and Lou Reed. Situated in the platinum mining region of Rustenburg, South Africa, Sun City is a premier resort and casino complex that combines wide-ranging gambling opportunities with stunning natural surroundings. The casino offers an extensive selection of table games, , and of course exclusive VIP lounges to keep the high-rolling visitors happy. Visitors can also enjoy championship golf courses, a water park, wildlife encounters, and luxurious accommodations, all of which makes it worthy to hold the title of Africa's best casino resort.

  • Dress Code: Smart casual dress code is recommended.

7. Caesars Palace (Las Vegas)

Caesar's Palace Casino in Vegas, Nevada.

One of the most famous landmarks on the Las Vegas Strip, Caesars Palace is a legendary casino known for its Roman-themed architecture and star-studded entertainment. Note that this casino is spelt ‘Caesars' and not ‘Caesar's'; when Jay Samo was designing the building in the 1960s he wanted everybody to be able to feel like a Roman emperor when they paid a visit. The list of stars to have performed at the hotel is too lengthy to go into here in full, but includes Frank Sinatra, Liberace, Elton John, Dolly Parton, David Copperfield and many more. Boxing fans will associate the name Caesars Palace with legendary fight nights featuring the best pugilists on the planet – Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, George Foreman are just a few to have stepped into the squared circle here. Today the Palace retains an iconic reputation, offering top-class entertainment, dining and of course casino gaming to its patrons.

  • Dress Code: Smart casual attire is appropriate.

8. Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore

Dominating the skyline of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands is an architectural marvel and an integrated resort featuring a high-end casino. Any visitor to this city state will have been struck by the incredible vista of what looks like a giant futuristic cruise ship hovering above the water. Inside, the gaming floor offers an extensive selection of table games and slot machines, catering to both casual players and high rollers. In addition to the casino, Marina Bay Sands boasts luxury accommodations, fine dining options, high-end shopping outlets, and a rooftop infinity pool with breath-taking views of the city.

  • Dress Code: Smart casual dress code is encouraged.

9. Winstar (Oklahoma, USA)

Winstar World Casino, Oklahoma, USA.

Arguably the most physically imposing casino in the United States – and one of the largest in the world – Winstar offers an impressive array of game-playing options across its vast gaming floor. From classic table games like blackjack and roulette to an extensive selection of slot machines, there is something to cater to every taste. Slot gaming fans in particular will struggle to better this casino, since with more than 10,000 electronic gaming machines available Winstar lays claim to having the most slot machines of any land-based casino in the planet. Beyond the gaming experience, Winstar features multiple entertainment venues that host world-class concerts and performances, ensuring non-stop entertainment. With a variety of dining options, luxurious accommodations, and a welcoming atmosphere, Winstar Casino promises an unforgettable and thrilling experience for all who step through its doors.

  • Dress Code: Smart casual attire is recommended.

10. Hippodrome Casino London

Pedestrians walking outside the Hippodrome Casino in London.

Generally regarded as London's best casino, the Hippodrome Casino is an iconic establishment that combines history, elegance, and entertainment. Housed in a stunning Grade II listed building, the casino offers a unique gambling experience. With multiple floors dedicated to gaming, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of table games, including roulette, blackjack, and poker. The Hippodrome also hosts world-class live performances in its acclaimed theatre, showcasing everything from musicals to comedy shows. As one of the city's most iconic landmarks, the Hippodrome Casino continues to attract visitors with its vibrant atmosphere, luxurious interiors, and unforgettable entertainment offerings.

  • Opened: 2010 (as a casino, the building dates back to 1900)
  • Dress Code: Smart casual dress code is preferred.

We began this article by pointing out that any list like this one will be subjective, and while that remains the case I hope you will agree with at least some of our top ten choices. Every casino listed has luxury hotel accommodation available if you fancy taking a trip. Of course, not everybody will have the opportunity to visit one of these magnificent casinos, and most will count themselves very fortunate to make it to even two or three venues.

However, just about everyone will be able to enjoy the casino gaming options to be found at our choice for the best online casino in the world – – where registration is free and you can choose from over 2,500 games without setting foot outside of your door! Live dealer table games, jackpot slots, virtual and scratch cards are all available, with more games added every month. Sign up now for free to take advantage of our generous welcome bonus for new members, and enjoy the best online casino gaming experience around.

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June 2023 New Games Release

Summertime is coming, and we have lots of sunny sequels for you to get stuck into! There's 2nd and even 3rd instalments of well-loved to be explored, from the hugely popular Age of the Gods series to classic video game inspired .

Explore the new additions to our online portfolio as we take a closer look at a few of them in more detail. All upcoming slots have varied ranges, exciting in-game features and different themes and displays.

Get your suntan lotion ready and prep your suitcase for a trip to new gaming heights! Here are a few of the new games that are being released in 2023 at 

Age of the Gods: God of Storms III

Playtech's most played slot series is back again, with a highly anticipated 3rd instalment of Age of the Gods: God of Storms. This new game is set on of a visually impressive antique backdrop with bright, golden, and vibrant graphics. The game grid itself has 5 reels, up to 25 paylines, and an RTP of 95.82%.

Find succulent sea creatures, ancient scrolls, and Poseidon himself guarding over the maritime adventure. There's a massive bet range from as low as €0.10 all the way up to €500, so whatever your budget is, there is an option for everyone.

Playtech Age of the Gods God of Storms III Slot game machine Posiedon Graphic Design Female character Ancient Greece

Look out for these icons for a big win potential: 

  • Wild Symbols SHIP WILD and regular WILD icons can trigger free games.
  • Coin Symbols – These symbols can trigger multipliers for up to 15x your winnings.
  • Free Games Feature – Triggered by sticky SHIP WILD symbols, you can win up to 5 free spins for an even bigger payout.

Similarly, to other Age of the Gods slots, this game also has 4 Progressive Jackpots that can be triggered by any single spin: Power, Super Power, Extra Power, Ultimate Power.

Lara Croft Tomb of the Sun

From Games Global partner Triple Edge Studios, comes a new version of the Tomb Raider adventure series. This 5-reel, 4-row game layout has up to a massive 1,024 paylines and takes place outdoors in an Aztec-style location with visually unique carvings scattered amongst the display.

All of the traditional exploration items can be found within the games such as a map symbol, compass symbols, but also features Lara Croft specific objects related to masonry, and of course, tombs!

With an RTP 96.36%, and amazing exploration bonuses such as multiple Wilds, the Multiplier Trail and Free Spins, the defined and engaging graphics are just the cherry on top! There are also big payout potentials to look out for which can be found in the Rolling Reels feature, as well as the Rising Reward Jackpot!

“Everything lost is meant to be found!”

Sweet Alchemy 2

The sequels keep coming, but luckily for players, we have a completely different style in the form of Sweet Alchemy 2. As the name might suggest, this is a happy, bubbly, and sweet 9-reel 9-row slot game, that has an exploding maximum win of 10,000x your bet. The bright game can actively increase in grid size depending on symbols that land on the gamegrid.

Pink Wizard Witch Hat Candy Graphic Design Sweet Alchemy 2 Slot game machine online casino gaming Sweet Tooth

This game may seem as if it is just candyland, chocolates and cute confectionary, but there are some devilishly rich bonuses to be found too. Potion Bottles prizes can be unlocked on top of the merging symbols resulting in Free Spins. It also features the Cluster Pays mechanic seen on many other slots, as well as Striped Wilds, Gobstopper Wilds, and Multiplier.

And if you've got a very sweet tooth, look out for the colourful segmented wheel, which will show up when the Spin the Wheel feature is activated!

for Real Money

To start playing Real Money bets, just simply sign in and place your bets. Whether you are keen to explore the new versions of our player favourites, or if you just want to play any other exciting games in our gaming portfolio.

And if you are registering for the first and making your first deposit, you can claim your Welcome Bonus before playing on all of our new games. 

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Top 10 Red Tiger Slot Games

are an exciting game provider in the of online and . They develop unique, classic and interesting with a wide range of themes, high quality background music, and varying bonuses and special features.

Take a look at our Top 10 Red Tiger slot games. Whether you want an innovative theme, a trip back in time or you just want to have a go at winning a large payout, there is a style and experience for all players.

#1 Ancient Disco

First up on our list is the dazzling 5-reel, Egyptian-themed slot game with high volatility and up to 20 betways. Ancient Disco is a vibrant gaming experience that features a multi-coloured display with speakers booming on the walls of the neon Temple. double money welcome bonus

Within the colourful game grid, you can find Pharaohs, Sphinxes, palm trees and hieroglyphics all with varying bet values. Look out for special symbols such as the Ancient Disco, disco ball icon, and the Pyramid Spins, pyramid icon for bonuses and big payout potential.

Raise your vase cocktail drinks and enjoy the party!

Year of 2023
RTP 95.47%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 22,500x

#2 Pinatas & Ponies

The next slot game on our list is another upbeat one that contains symbols that you would expect to find inside of a traditional piñata, including chocolate treats, candies, sweets, and more!

The 6-reel game grid is displayed on top of a field with pastel coloured bunting, cupcakes, and pony piñatas. This is a high volatility slot with delicious bonuses such as cascading reels, Collect Symbols, Level up, Multipliers, and Bonus Buy. There's also Scatter symbols which could see you land some extra Sweet Spins for an even larger prize.

Place a bet, smash the pony, and see what you can find inside!

Year of Release 2022
RTP 95.72%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 2,172x

#3 Good Luck Clusterbuster

Slot game machine Leprechaun cartoon graphic Irish themed slots gambling Online Casino

For all of the Irish-themed slot fans, Good Luck Clusterbuster is a giant 9-reel, 9-row expanding game grid that lays on top of a green backdrop with 4-leaf clovers, and the Celtic cluster pays paylines mechanic.

Unlock the Pot of Gold by landing some of the special symbols including the Leprechaun Wilds, Wandering Wild Multiplier, and the Lucky Wind Blow feature. The unique graphics paired with the upbeat and jaunty soundtrack will make your spins even more exciting.

Is the luck of the Irish on your side?

Year of Release 2022
RTP 95.73%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 19,995x

#4 Vault Cracker

For a quirky, cartoon theme style slot with big jewels to play for, look no further than Vault Cracker. This game is exploding with unique features which can be found within the 5-reel, 3-row game layout. Symbols such as money bags, piggy banks, and the all-important diamond are just some of the animation elements available.

Crack open the safety deposit boxes to see if you can uncover the Heist Master symbol, the Streak respin bonus round or the Second Chance Wheel. And if you are feeling like a real bandit, then there's also a Gamble feature for those who are willing to take the risk! Can you find a prize on one of the 10 paylines?

Year of Release 2021
RTP 95.66%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 1,410x

#5 Peggy Sweets

Slot game machine Pancakes Cartoon Blonde Bombshell graphic design glasses 50s style diner Online Casino

Grab your roller skates, and glide on down to the 50's style Diner, to visit Peggy and see what sweets she has on offer. The blonde bombshell is serving up a juicy helping of pancake, doughnut, and sundae symbols which could lead to many yummy bonuses.

The slot game itself is a brightly coloured 5-reel, 5-row layout, with the cluster pays mechanic, as well as a Free Spins Wheel, and Bonus Buy. And for the cherry on top, look out for the Pink girl, Blue girl or Yellow girl icons for multipliers and special modifiers too.

Year of Release 2023
RTP 95.68%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 5,173x

#6 Blood Suckers Megaways

Dracula vampire bride Cartoon Graphic Slot game machine Blood Suckers Megaways Online Casino Gambling Gaming

Explore the night and stake your claim on this dark Megaways slot! Bite into a spooky experience and find a host of familiar characters such as Vlad the Impala, Dracula, Vampire Brides and more. One of the games most haunted bonuses is The Chain Reaction Feature, which can shatter icons, leading to cursed cascading reels.

The epic chorus music plays as the 6-reel game offers up Super Wilds, Random Wilds, Bonus Scatters, Win Multipliers, and a maximum win of 20,521x your bet. Grab a clove of garlic and take a stab at this slot to see if you can unearth one of the closed coffins in the bonus round.

Sink your teeth into this one!

Year of Release 2023
RTP 97.66%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 20,521x

#7 Bass Boss

The catch of the day is here, and it is the bubbly Bass Boss! This is fishing-themed slot game with all of the traditional angling favourites such as a fishing tackle, a fishing rod, a trophy, and not surprisingly, fish! It's game display has 5 reels, 4 rows and it is a high volatility variance.

The most exciting feature is the Contest Spins, which is where a fisherman will hold a hook underwater for the during of the bonus round. The hook will move up or down, giving you a chance to catch a prize-winning fish. Catch 8 fish, and it will lead you to a magnetic multiplier.

Year of Release 2022
RTP 95.7%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 4,835x

#8 10,001 Nights Megaways

Sultan Graphic Belly Dancer Cartoon Aladdin 10,001 Nights Megaways Online Casino Gambling gaming Arabian Nights themed slot

For something completely different, explore the stunning visuals of the Arabian night themed 10,001 Nights Megaways. Pull back the curtain to reveal a bejewelled game display with decadent gem symbols of all shapes and sparkling sizes.

If the luxurious graphics weren't enough, as this a Megaways slot, there are 6 reels, 2-7 rows and a gigantic 117,649 ways to win. The Sultan is the most lucrative symbol, but if you don't manage to spot him, then you can still look out for the Mega Wild, the Imperial Spin feature, the Multi-Pick feature, Destiny Spins and more!

Year of Release 2022
RTP 95.96%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 10,500x

#9 Apache Way

We are heading into the Great Outdoors for our penultimate slot game Apache Way. Set in the Wild West planes, this Native American themed game contains wild animal symbols including eagles, bears, wolves, and more.

Inside the wilderness, you can find shiny Sun Scatters, free spins, mega symbols, mega wilds, mega scatters, instant and more! The Ritual of the Sun respins will be activated when you land 5 of the same symbol on the game grid. Set up camp and start spinning!

Year of Release 2022
RTP 95.7%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 2,500x

#10 777 Strike

Classic fruit game machine slot flaming 7s golden triple 7 crown cartoon graphic online gambling gaming

The last slot game on our Red Tiger Top 10 list is the traditional fruit slot style game, 777 Strike. You will find cherries, Lemons, and the highly sought after flaming 7s on the gaming layout.

In keeping with the classic theme, there are 5-reels, 3 rows, high volatility, and 10 paylines. But don't worry you can still play to find Wild Win Spins, as well as Free Spins. So, if you are a fan of the classics, place a bet and have a spin on this one!

Year of Release 2021
RTP 95.80%
Bonus Features Yes
Maximum Win 2,830x

To start playing Real Money bets, just sign in and place your bets. If you are registering for the first time and making your first deposit, you can claim your Welcome Bonus before playing on all of our games.

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How to Bet on Virtual Sports

Here we have taken a closer look at the phenomenon of , offering a step-by-step guide to betting on virtual sports .

Virtual sports betting has exploded in popularity in recent years. From 2016 to 2021, the number of people partaking in virtual sports betting skyrocketed from 121 million to 307 million people, and that number is only expected to grow.

However, despite the fact it is projected to be worth more than $35 billion by 2030, many of us are unfamiliar with how virtual sports work. Many may even struggle to know how to on these virtual sporting events.

What Is Virtual Sports Betting?

As the name suggests, virtual sports betting has transported the traditional, in-person of sports to digital age. Rather than waiting for a football match to kick off or a race to start, you can now bet on a sporting event that will occur either every few minutes or instantly, on demand. The outcomes of these events are determined by complex algorithms which have been developed to capture the excitement and drama of “real world” sports.

Placing bets on virtual sports should be familiar to anyone who has ever placed a bet on traditional sports events. For example, if you decide to bet on virtual football, you will find markets for the winner, goal scorer, next goal scorer, under/over, and plenty more. If horse racing is more to your taste, you can find options to bet on the outright winner, each-way punts and even forecasts. double money welcome bonus

Types of Virtual Sports

Most of the world's favorite sports are available in the virtual realm. Football, golf, horse racing, basketball, and many more have digital cousins that are becoming incredibly popular. Here we are going to look at three of the virtual sports that have attracted huge followings online.

Virtual Football

As the most popular sport in the world, there should be no surprise that virtual football is equally as popular. Most games offer the traditional betting that would be available for “real world” football, but there are some that offer something a little bit different.

For example, maybe you love the drama of a penalty shoot-out, but don't want to wait 120 minutes to get there. Then Leap 's Football Penalty Duel could be the one for you. Here you can skip straight to the shootout drama! Then you can bet on winner, the outcome of the next spot kick, over/under goals and even whether the penalty battle will go to sudden death!

Virtual Horse Racing

Where virtual sports excel is in recreating the drama of their real-life counterparts, and this is no truer than in virtual horse racing. By crafting detailed tracks with cutting edge technology, virtual horse racing allows players to partake in horse races from their own home.

The races are often presented in TV-style, with different camera angles capturing the action in the best way possible. It's not just the presentation that will be familiar to racing fans, as many traditional markets are available. These include outright winner, each way, and forecasts; giving virtual horse racing even more of a “real world” feel.

Virtual Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and developers have worked hard to bring the same excitement and energy from the court to the casino. Thankfully, some of these games are a real slam dunk!

Most games offer similar bets as you would find on the traditional game and cutting-edge graphics are the norm. However, EuroLeague Legends is a game that does things a little bit differently. Here the result is still generated by a random number generator, but at random times, real life highlights are spliced into the action.

You will see some of the best EuroLeague players shooting hoops as a part of our game. Real players from real teams, including Real Madrid, Unicaja Malaga, and Partizan Belgrade are available in the game which perfectly brings traditional basketball to the virtual court!

Enjoy Virtual Sports Betting with has one of the most extensive gaming libraries you can find. As a member, you gain incredible access to over 2,300 , 99 live games, 40 table games, live roulette from Les Ambassadeurs, and more. The selection has now improved further with the addition of twelve fantastic virtual sports games from the innovative developer Leap Gaming.

Leap Gaming are known to be one of the leading developers of realistic, fun, and state-of-the-art casino games. Their pioneering virtual sports games include Virtual Golf, Nascar Streak, and Football Cup – World. These games, and more, are now available for you to enjoy on

How to Bet on Virtual Sports

Placing bets on virtual sports couldn't be easier. Whether you fancy the football, are bubbly for basketball, or ready for racing, the path to placing virtual wagers is smooth. Here is our quick guide to betting on virtual sports.

1. Register With registration page

First, you are going to need an account. Signing up to takes just a few minutes, and we will even reward you with a very generous welcome gift!

2. Find Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports online casino banner in homepage

Type “virtual sports” into the search bar or find it along the menu in the Casino page of the website. This will bring you to our selection of virtual Sports games.

3. Choose your Sport

How to Bet on Virtual Sports online casino image of games menu

Now you will have a tough choice to make, which sport to choose! You can choose between Basketball, Football, Horse Racing, and more.

4. Place Your Bets

How to Bet on Virtual Sports online casino image of betting odds in Football Streak game.

Now you can place your bets. There is a lot of choice here, so we recommend you take the to ensure you fully understand how these bets work and how your bet can win.

5. Enjoy Your Event

Virtual Sports online casino Football Streak game image in-play of pitch.

With your bets placed you can now sit back and watch your event unfold. Whether it is a dramatic penalty shoot-out or legends of the court you choose to enjoy, we are sure you will be hugely impressed by the realism and excitement these games can bring!

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